Shauna Moran

Accredited Coach & Consultant
Specialised in Remote Teams 
Hi, I'm Shauna
I'm a qualified business and accredited executive coach & consultant that specialises in remote working. I work with a range of entrepreneurs, organisations, teams and more — to help them to uncover the process, habits, routines and mindsets that make these people and organisations successful at remote working. 
My Greatest Value To Your Business

As a coach, my greatest value to your business is sharing my experience, not just sharing advice.  Creating, building and managing remote teams across various SaaS companies, I came across multiple communication, leadership and cultural challenges. 

Using my experience and academic background in scaling remote teams at an international level, I help remote organisations who are facing challenges with communication, company culture and managing remote teams. 

I work with businesses that are beginning to work remotely or organisations that want to scale their distributed workforce effectively. I also work with companies who want to bridge the gap between office and remote environments.

Being a qualified coach and consultant allows me to work with my clients in two ways; I work with companies around the mindset shift that needs to happen when they work remotely, but I also work with them to create strategies and processes that will serve their remote team as they continue to scale. From working with me, companies see results such as increased productivity, profitability, and overall better team morale.
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1. Remote Team Management

Created, hired and managed remote teams across various organisations.

2. Mentorship & Coaching

Mentored and coached hundreds of agencies and technology companies via Shopify's Partner Program.

3. Professional Membership

A member of the WACN (World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience).

4. Expertly Experienced

Over 10 years experience in the trenches.

5. Academic Excellence

Degree in Psychology and Innovation Management.

6. Uniquely Qualified

Fully qualified executive and business coach.

7. Academic Research

Academically researched communication, culture, leadership and performance of remote and distributed teams.

Do you need expert remote working advice and guidance?

I will help your business maximise ROI and overcome challenges when it comes to remote working.

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