Remote Working

An Introduction to Remote Working

The virtual organisational infrastructure is changing the way we live and work.

If you own a social media account or browser new articles, you’ll have noticed the ways in which organisations and individuals work is changing and it’s changing fast. Our dependence on location in order to work is evolving and more and more organisations and individuals are choosing to work remotely. For some organisations, they’re being forced to consider a virtual infrastructure. Over the past few years,  we’ve been forced to rethink our ‘office-based’ practises as we transition into a more digitalised and diverse economy.

The remote work revolution has been implemented by multi-national organisations such as Apple, Google and Shopify. Not only does it provide organizations with the ability to hire skillsets and talents in markets and cultures they previously would not have had access to, but it also decreases the cost of infrastructures such as office spaces and insurance. Companies realise (or should realise) that in order to accommodate worker and future worker needs, they must operate on a range of flexible schedules.

The remote working model is also an attractive perk for individuals for various reasons. Not only does remote working provide individuals with the opportunity to put talent in front of organisations in markets where they are not located but allows them to work from their preferred destination and have a more flexible ‘work-life’ balance.

With any organisational change, such as the remote model, organisations, leaders, and individuals are faced with various new challenges. With the flexibility that remote working provides, there are so many new and exciting opportunities, but there’s also intimidating challenges.  

Operate Remote is here to provide content and resources based on the virtual organisational model, not only to empower individuals to work smarter remotely, but also to enable and sometimes relieve organisations as to the power that remote working can bring to their business.