These calculators are for business who want to:

  • Calculate the cost savings in implementing a remote workforce compared to an office environment
  • Calculate the cost of employee turnover
  • Calculate the total cost of remote team off-sites

Office Versus Remote

If you're considering the benefits of remote working for your business, you should be aware of the cost savings involved in eliminating an office. If you're ready to make a change or want to offer more flexibility to your workforce, get in touch to ensure you're leaving no stone left unturned and you're setting your business up for ultimate success. 

Cost Per Loss Of Employee

When a company replaces a human resource, however, their calculations only include hiring fees and relocation fee costs. They stop calculating when the hire walks in the door or logs on online. They do not calculate the cost of everyone’s time invested in the hiring and on-boarding process- this can be anywhere from thirty to sixty days. Use this calculator below to add up the true costs involved in loosing an employee. If your business is suffering due to employee turnover, book a time to discuss how I will help you retain your employees. 

Annual Offsite Costs

Hosting regular team get togethers are vital for remote teams, however, it's also important as a business you're getting a return on investment on a business and on a team level. Use this calculator to total the costs of your team off-sites and book a call to discuss the ways in which you can make them more effective for all involved. 
+Office versus Remote
+ Cost per loss of employee
+ Annual Offsite Costs
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