Read The Results Our Clients Have Generated From High Impact Coaching
Read how Latori increased employee retention by 60% and employee engagement
by 45%.
"From working with Shauna,
the challenges we had are
now solved. The investment
I've made in coaching with
Shauna will continue to pay
off long into the future."
- Jan Laußmann,- Co-Founder, Latori

Shauna has been instrumental in helping us scale our agency effectively. Her holistic approach to business is what has equipped us to sustain ourselves, our team and our business in moving forward.Shauna's blend of coaching and consulting have empowered us to solve both individual and organisational challenges, while ensuring we are prepared for future growth on all levels.If you're a founder or leader that is struggling, you need to speak with Shauna- you won't regret it!

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Natascha Laussmann

Co-Founder and CEO

Read how the leadership team at Webflow, became more aligned, adaptable and effective.
"Since Shauna's group
coaching program, I've
improved as a leader;
from how to manage my
schedule and time, to how
to create better boundaries
to sustain myself as a leader."
- Brittany Caldwell,- Director of Marketing, Community and Events at Webflow

Thanks to Shauna's group coaching, I've learned that if you slow down to be more intentional, you can overcome many of your limiting beliefs -for me, this was around being authentic in my work and relationships with an absolutely packed schedule that didn't make time for these things .

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Heather Doshay

VP of People, Webflow

About Shauna
Hi, I’m Shauna. I’m an entrepreneur, executive coach, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the best leader that you most want to be.
If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a leader who is experiencing challenges with your team. Maybe it's that you have a team member who is frustrating you- or a team that just don't take on enough responsibility. Whatever it is- you know that your team aren't working as effectively as they can be, or need to be.
You know that the ways in which your team are working just aren't sustainable, and, it will hold you all back from achieving your goals. 
You want to enjoy your job as a leader again, you want to get excited about your work and you want to achieve your business and team's goals while watching your team develop and grow into the amazing employees that they can be. 
That's where I come in. This is my speciality! I'm not just winging it. Everything I do is backed by years of research, education and real-life experience. Creating, building and managing remote teams across various SaaS companies, I came across multiple communication, leadership and cultural challenges. 
If you want results like my clients above- then what are you waiting for?