How To Take The“Guess Work”​ Out Of Burnout – What Your Team Needs You To Know

We have to take the guessing out of burnout.

Often, when I speak with leaders that are witnessing burnout within themselves or their teams, or both, they’re making assumptions. 

They don’t truly understand why their teams are experiencing heightened stress, time and time again.

We can make assumptions in many different ways and for many different reasons. 

After all, it can feel easier to assume or blame burnout on something else.

If we do, we can try and ‘fix’ the problem and move on. 

We don’t have to sit in the uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable can often be that we need to change.

As an organization, we may need to shift our mindset around productivity and thus, our culture. 

As a leader, we may need to shift how we’re leading by example and supporting healthy boundaries in our team. 

As an individual, we may need to rethink our approach to work and change the deeply rooted beliefs that we are only worthy or valuable when we’re working, working, working. 

So instead of making these changes- which by no means are easy to look at and commit to. 

We assume. 

We assume that our team is burned out because they are busy with projects. 

We assume that Mary took some stress leave because she had probably had something going on personally.

We assume that Helen experienced her second burnout this year because she’s not equipped to manage her work-life balance. 

It can be easier to assume until it’s not. 

It’s not easier when your team starts handing in their notice.

It’s not easier when productivity drops.

It’s not easier when leaders are spending so much time putting out fires

So, what do we need to do instead?

We need to first acknowledge that no one person or group of people is to ‘blame’ for burnout. When we move away from blame, we can begin to get curious as an organization. When we’re curious, we start to embody a growth mindset- the belief that with time, effort and commitment, we can improve and get better. 

When we have all of these shifts in place, we can then start to look at the root causes within our organization. 

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