Revive Remote
Help your team beat burnout, and create a fantastic remote culture that keeps them engaged and innovating. 
Once you book a call, I'll be in touch to collect some more information on your team!

  • "Being a close team and always enjoying time together, we found the challenge of working remotely from each other psychologically very difficult. I will have to say this challenge became vastly easier when we met Shauna. She really helped us get to our core issues, got people talking to each other, brought us together and addressed each and every challenge of having a remote working company.’’

    Cian Prendergast , CEO Ortus
What if you could stop burnout BEFORE it starts, give your team the tools to handle stress and empower your leaders to handle the challenges in managing a remote team?
This program is designed to give ALL your team
  • New time management strategies that empower them to be more productive, focused and well when working remotely
  • Strategies to reduce the need for constant meetings- more time for productive work!
  • A process to identify their own remote working best practices to ensure they sustain themselves
  • A toolkit for building and maintaining relationships remotely with their colleagues
  • Strategies to enable them to communicate more effectively remotely

Your remote leadership team will walk away with
  • New tools and techniques to build and sustain engagement on their remote teams
  • Strategies to manage performance in remote environments
  • A game plan to increase collaboration and innovation within their teams
  • A program to enable them to create, facilitate and host more meaningful meetings remotely
  • A toolkit to help them coach and motivate remote employees
Is The Revive Remote Program Right For My Team?
Does this sound like your team?

1. Most of your team want to continue working in flexible ways, BUT they need to learn new strategies that enable them to better manage themselves remotely... So they don’t burn-out from overworking OR don’t fall-down from being unable to focus.

2. Your team members are spending most of their time in meetings WHICH are leading them to over-work in order to get their workloads completed and projects off their desk. 

3. Your team leaders are finding it a constant challenge to foster engagement, collaboration and innovation on your remote team, AND your team lack the knowledge and experience to understand HOW to truly make that happen… even in lockdown. 

4. Your team needs immediate solutions that they can act right away that will result in them feeling motivated, excited and eager to take their remote working skillset to the next level.

If you've answered YES to any of the statements above, then YES, The Revive Remote Program is right for your team. 
Your team needs an injection of remote-specific knowledge, tools and strategies that equip them to not only survive, but thrive remotely in 2021 and beyond.

I can help you get there.



Have a remote team who felt empowered, happy and well and were sustained to do their very best work. 
Skyrocket your team’s engagement, by seeing your team take their communication, collaboration and connection to the next level.
Save everyone’s valuable time and energy by understanding and implementing the best ways of working remotely.

  • "Shauna has proven herself to be that person in spades, who will help you outline a map on where you need to get to over the long term, while keeping your employees motivated and connected. She will get into the details or zoom out and see the big picture, depending on what your team need. She has a perfect balance between academic training in the space and practical experience. I highly recommend working with Shauna if you want to implement a world class remote first model within your organization."

    Nazim Ahmed, CEO Creative Layer
How Does The Revive Remote Program Work?
Your team are busy and probably exhausted by death by PowerPoint and online meetings. Not to mention, they need solutions that they can implement IMMEDIATELY.

That’s why each workshop is designed to be interactive, relevant and engaging so that your team can action each topic immediately and see long-term results.

The Revive Remote Program includes with prices starting at $5,000 (CAD) for 1-100 employees:
  • 2 x 90-minute workshops - one designed for all remote employees and the second designed just for those that manage teams.
  • A discovery session with me to better understand your team and ensure the program is relative to your unique company culture
  • A follow up including a recording, workshop notes, slides and relevant documentation and toolkits for each topic we’ve covered

We'll cover a range of topics that are essential to the foundation of your remote teams' success: 

Workshop 1: Sustaining Yourself as a Remote Worker
- Discovering Your Unique Remote Time Management Schedule
- Optimising and Managing Your Calendar Remotely
- Managing Your Energy and Emotional Wellbeing Remotely
- Creating and Setting Healthy Boundaries in Remote Environments
- Effective Remote Team Communication Strategies
- Balancing Empathy, Assertiveness, and Interpersonal Relationships For Yourself and Your Team

Workshop 2: Leadership Strategies in Remote Environments
- The Core Principles of Effective Remote Leadership
- Optimising Communication To Save Time and Increase Effectiveness
- Understanding, Measuring and Building Remote Team Engagement and a Team Building Culture Remotely
- Coaching Your Team To Greater Levels of Responsibility and Collaboration
- Managing Performance Virtually During a Pandemic
Seen enough? Feel like this is exactly what your remote teams need?



  • "Shauna's holistic approach to creating processes for managing remote teams and operations has been instrumental in our shift to a fully remote workplace. Her knowledge of remote work and effectiveness with emotional intelligence has helped us understand how we can improve our remote strategies and build an action plan. Shauna has helped lead us in building thoughtful remote-first strategies in a dispersed work environment that is new to us."

    Amanda Enright- HR Director, Canvas Pop

About Shauna
Hi, I’m Shauna. I'm a transformational coach to founders, leaders and teams of fast-growing distributed companies, a speaker, emotional intelligence practitioner and remote team researcher.
Leadership development in remote team environments is my speciality. I'm not just winging it. Everything I do is backed by years of research, education and real-life experience. Creating, building and managing remote teams across various SaaS companies, I came across multiple communication, leadership and cultural challenges. 
I built this program over the last 6-months to cater to the specific needs your team are facing in 2020 and will continue to face in 2021.
Revive Remote is designed to give team leaders a toolkit that they can use when managing their teams remotely and to give your employees a strategy to ensure they are managing their time, energy and communication effectively remotely.  
This is the process that helped me build dozens of highly-effective remote teams. It’s also helped dozens of teams I’ve worked with, do all of the above AND start to truly embrace remote working in a positive way.