What You Didn’t Know About Your Team Missing Deadlines

Founders, I get your frustration with your team when they miss an important deadline.

But your frustration as a founder can wreak havoc on your team’s confidence and engagement. 

It’s easy to go straight into the blame game and begin to point fingers. 

But for founders especially, it’s essential that you identify the frustration early on so that you can be in control of your reaction and response to the situation. 

Building and managing a team is probably one of the most challenging aspects of growing your business, that not many people speak about. 

But your job as a founder is to identify the root cause that has led your team to miss that deadline. Once you investigate it, you have the opportunity to change it. 

One of the most common root causes that I’ve witnessed in tech teams is having too many balls in the air- one of them is bound to drop. 

‘Doing less, but doing it better’ is a shift that supports your team in producing quality work, on time. 

Think about each person on your team and the volume of tasks and projects they are working on.

It’s your responsibility to help your team prioritize and understand what the top focuses are. 

This helps our remote team members better prioritize their day and compartmentalize.

And if you find yourself struggling with knowing where to start when it comes to prioritizing, feel free to reach out and book a call with me.