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On Scaling and Sustaining Engaged High-Performing Remote Teams

Operate Remote Services

Remote working is on the rise and businesses and individuals need to adapt, grow and learn in our ever-changing working environment. I help my clients evoke a transformation that helps them thrive through changes in their business, lives and career. My main objective is to have a positive impact on my clients, so that you leave with a return of investment and a new approach that will help sustain you in achieving your goals in the future.   

Executive and Leadership Coaching

I one-on-one work with founders, CEOs and new managers through high-impact coaching. I help them to ask the right questions, uncover new perspectives and hold them accountable for fast and decisive action while creating long-lasting impact through learning and awareness. 

Coaching provides an outlet for business owners to view the whole self while taking into consideration fulfilment, values and processes that may not necessarily be in the conscious mind on a day-to-day basis.

Using positive psychology and neuroplasticity strategies, I will create a safe environment for you to explore and find a deeper awareness as to how to effectively manage your office and remote employees.

My objective is to empower my clients to develop their problem-solving techniques in remote and hybrid environments, giving you back more time to do what you do best - grow your business. I support, advise and coach my clients on how their business and teams are set up for ultimate progression in this new stage of growth. 

Team and Group Leadership Development Coaching

Remote working is still a new concept which means leaders aren’t fully equipped to transfer their people management abilities into virtual environments. Often, the success of a remote team is the sole responsibility of the leadership team, which leads to trial and errors and a waste of resources.

My clients have challenges with communication, culture and processes, which result in a decrease in team performance and eventually, employee turnover, which results in a cost to the businesses’ bottom line. These issues must be solved to empower management teams to be more productive and autonomous.

I work with leaders of remote teams in a group coaching environment helping your management team to define their roles within the business and help them leverage their emotional intelligence skills while identifying blind-spots that are no longer serving them. This not only solves the problems that are present in the teams today but future-proofs their business as they continue to hire remote employees. 

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

What separates good performers from great performers in the workplace? While IQ and technical savvy contribute to success, many studies have shown that strong emotional intelligence (EI) is what truly sets you apart. And unlike IQ, EI is something that you can improve with training.

Did you know emotional intelligence accounts for 25-45% of workplace performance?

Emotional intelligence assessments help to empower you to:
  • Develop your leadership abilities, skills and awareness.
  • Assist you in being more effective through business change, collaboration or strategy creation.
  •  Identify blind-spots within your skills, team or organisation through 360 reviews.
  •  Identify strengths and challenge areas to promote greater organisational effectiveness.
  • Promote greater organisational effectiveness.

Consultancy Services

I work with a variety of companies, that already have a remote team or are considering flexible and remote working within their business. I work with organisations to build, evaluate and scale their remote working strategy to generate a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.  I consult with my clients to create a long-lasting positive change with the end result being that my clients and their employees have learned something new.

Management Consulting

Working with the management and leadership team of remote teams to discover the challenges that are present in the remote workforce. Through analysing these challenges, a specific solution will be designed for your organisation.

Remote Process Development

 If your company is working remotely, your business operations need to support and facilitate your distributed workforce. Whether your current business processes aren't working as effectively as you like, or you simply don't have any processes in place for your remote team, we'll help you design a process strategy based on your specific business goals and individual teams KPI's. This also includes suggestions for technology implementation.

Remote Culture Management

Remote culture is vital when supporting one of your most important stakeholders, your employees. We'll help you design a remote culture that fits the values of your organisation from management principles to employee perks and even facilitating social time in a remote environment.

Remote Hiring & Onboarding

Ensuring your new employees are supported through an effective onboarding experience. We'll work with you to establish a process that enables new employees to onboard quickly while also creating the environment for them to exceed remote working.

Remote Working Training Workshops

If you want to improve your teams' knowledge around working more effectively in remote environments, my workshops are an artful blend of group process, and communication skills learned through formal and informal study, observation, supervised participation, and experience. 

Your team will walk away feeling inspired, rejuvenated, connected and ready to work towards a more profound vision of your business. 

Workshops are specifically designed for each organisation and department. Whether your team need upskilling on a particular topic about remote working, or you're employees are interested in a specific area, I tailor this workshop to your needs.

Public Speaking

From speaking to thousands of people all over the world, at various conferences, I speak on a vast range of topics. You can choose from one of my popular talks on remote working, research and strategies or I can craft a presentation specific to your audience.