Are you feeling overwhelmed by your remote team's lack of engagement and productivity? 
You're not alone, and you're in the right place.  
Because Leading Remote Teams Shouldn't Be Stressful
Are you done with feeling stressed and overwhelmed by a constant effort to engage your remote team, but nothing seems to be working? 

Have you been left wondering if you're even 'cut-out' to be a leader? 

Does the thought of having yet another 'performance review' conversation leave you feeling deflated? Join the club. 

But you know that in order for your business and team to work, you've got to learn how to be a better leader. Research shows that 70% of employee engagement stems from leadership effectiveness. 

That means, it all starts with YOU. 

Are you ready to step up, leader?
You're In Good Hands. Trusted by Companies All Over The World
Accredited and Award Winning Leadership and Executive Coach.
Operate Remote awarded Top Coaching and Leadership Development Businesses in Europe 2020.
Bespoke Team Coaching
Group coaching is focused on leadership in remote/multi-located environments, which will provide your management team with the ability to think in new ways while challenging old mindsets that will create long-lasting impact through learning and awareness.

Using positive psychology and neuroplasticity strategies, Shauna creates a safe environment for your management team to explore and find a deeper awareness in areas such as planning and strategy, leadership development, performance management, team communication, and company culture.
Executive Transformational Coaching 
Shauna works few highly accomplished leaders each year who have a relentless drive for excellence. These are leaders who have achieved broad success in their lives and businesses, and whose companies are now calling them to have greater impact and find a new form of authentic leadership that can scale.

Our coaching partnership empowers you to understand and take action that results in better performance, engagement and wellbeing of your employees and eliminating interferences so that you can achieve ultimate personal and professional success.
Consulting and Mentoring
Shauna also provides a range of consultancy services for a limited amount of clients that want to increase employee engagement, retention and effectiveness.

Shauna works with clients who are beginning to implement remote working models into their business and companies that are scaling resources in distributed environments. 

 Shauna consults on areas such as; company culture, communication strategies, performance management, hiring and onboarding, and team engagement activities.
Recent Client Transformations
Saving Costs
A team who I've coached and supported in adopting remote working during COV-19 have been so successful in doing so, that they’ve now decided to implement a remote-first policy moving forward. 

That means they’ve been able to hire the resource they needed (which they couldn’t get from being location-specific) and this, in turn, has enabled them to take on more projects and clients. They have increased their MRR by over 30% and now have an annual cost-saving from office costs alone of €123,000.
Saving Time
My client, a founder of a fast-growth agency has saved 64 hours a month by effectively delegating and improving his leadership effectiveness in his remote team.

He’s now using this time to focus on the most strategic activities that have already generated revenue that hit his Q2 goals. With getting this time back, he’s expected to triple his revenue targets for this quarter alone.
These are just some of the results I generate for my clients through the power of transformational executive coaching ... what results do you want to achieve?Coach.

The Human Behind The Screen Podcast

Join Shauna to learn what makes businesses successful at remote working.

Trusted by the Leading SaaS and Technology Companies

'Since Shauna standardised our processes and implemented new strategies I'm able to focus on building a quality team, without worrying about the smaller details involved in managing a growing team across multiple timezones. Shauna’s psychological understanding and person approach underpin her ability to connect, engage, and advise businesses on their strategy for managing geographically dispersed teams. My team's performance and engagement have increased dramatically.'

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Giovanni Conforti


'Being a leader of a remote team is dangerous, in that it's hard to fully understand what you're NOT doing right - or where opportunities lie. Working with Shauna and Operate Remote is a much better form of 'accident insurance' - it's already saved me from myself several times!'

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Nigel Stevens

OG Marketing

'Shauna just has a knack of bringing remote teams together by creating and inducing a friendly culture at a workplace. Shauna is phenomenal in understanding remote work in business, human connection while getting to the root of any team challenge or problem. Her processes and advice on how to effectively work remotely are part of how we function as a team now - and it’s had a huge positive impact.'

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Vargab Bakshi


About Shauna

Shauna's Mission

Shauna's mission is to empower SaaS, technology and agency companies and leaders to create a productive, highly-functional, effective and engaged workforce, regardless of the locations that they can scale well into the future, with confidence.  

Shauna's believes that business today should be holistic as the workforce today is collectively seeking satisfaction higher up the hierarchy to include meaning and purpose. Shauna's passion is helping business owners and teams understand their definitions of success, find ultimate fulfilment and purpose in their work, and unlock potential to maximise performance. 

Uniquely Qualified

With an academic background in Psychology and Innovation Management, Shauna has dedicated her working life to constant research. Shauna's drive to learn and stay curious has enabled her to extensively research what makes teams, remote organisations and leaders successful.  As a qualified executive coach with Neuroscience, Shauna is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development in order to best serve her clients. 

Shauna's Greatest Value To Your Business

As a coach, Shauna's greatest value to your business is sharing her experience, not just sharing advice. Creating, building and managing remote teams across various SaaS companies, Shauna came across multiple communication, leadership and cultural challenges.  

At Operate Remote, Shauna's work is designed to empower you and your team by helping you leverage your emotional intelligence skills while identifying blind-spots that are no longer serving your business. The knowledge, awareness and skills you'll develop by working with Shauna, not only solve the problems that are present in your teams today but future-proofs your business as they continue to grow. 
The Business Benefits of Executive Coaching

Empower Your Team 

Human capital is now widely valued as one of the most important contributors to sustainable performance and growth in any organisation. 

You've hired smart and capable people that should be empowered and invested in. By investing in your team's development and empowering your management team through group coaching, your team will develop and deepen their leadership and problem-solving capabilities, enabling them to be more self-sufficient and proactive when faced with remote-specific team challenges. 

Develop Yourself As a Leader

The greatest influencers of an organisation's culture are its leaders. You as a leader must be equipped and prepared to handle the complexities involved in growing your business and team. 

Shauna understands that leadership challenges can shake us to the core of who we are. Becoming the leader you’re meant to mean more than just having a better business strategy. It means showing up in an authentic and honest way, developing a mindset that supports your goals and leveraging emotional intelligence, that will sustain you in both your professional and personal lives. 

Maximise Performance & Engagement

Leveraging coaching in your leadership style unlocks potential and delivers the highest level of performance in any organisation. 

With a coaching leadership style, the culture of an organisation will begin to change. The hierarchy gives way to partnership and collaboration. Blame gives way to honest evaluation and learning, external motivations are replaced by self-motivation. Change is no longer forced but welcomes, satisfying the boss becomes pleasing the customer. Short-term fire-fighting reactions become strategic thinking.  

Building and leading a multi-located team can be challenging, and Shauna is here to help.

Increase employee engagement & performance

Having a distributed team can accelerate production and performance if you're prepared. Remote working needs clear structures, process and culture. We work with teams in all areas of virtual collaboration; people, virtual management, and methodological skills to ensure employee engagement and performance meets business expectations.

Generate a high ROI from your remote workforce

Employees are the main stakeholders in any business. Through building, creating & maintaining a productive operations strategy it will ensure that your business is set up for continued long-term growth. Ensuring your teams are equipped with the emotional intelligence skills and knowledge to effectively manage and work in a remote environment ensures you mitigate all risk associated with hiring a remote team. 

Executive and leadership guidance

As a leader, it’s important that you have the skills and knowledge that can help to eliminate challenges specific to remote teams which enables your employees to be successful and productive in their role.  I'll help you to ask the right questions, uncover new perspectives and hold you accountable for fast and decisive action. 

Effective and efficient workforce

 Establishing more control throughout remote processes helps to find a common language amongst internal departments and develops a ‘risk’ thinking approach amongst the organisation. Long term scalable growth requires your workforce to prevent as opposed to reacting to problems, overall making your organisation more proactive, efficient and set up for success.

Distributed Working Updates

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